Ashley Graham faces Hugh Grant interview at the Oscars after the actor was accused of ‘hateful’ behaviour.

Ashley Graham responded to the viral clip of her interview with Hugh Grant on the red carpet at the Oscars ceremony on Sunday (March 12).

The British actor was accused by viewers of being “unsympathetic” and “rude” to Graham, who was interviewing celebrities on the red carpet on behalf of ABC’s pre-Oscar show.

Grant, known for his dry humor and sarcasm, gave Graham candid answers when he asked questions about what he was wearing and how he liked his cameo in the Knives Out sequel Glass Onion.

Graham, 35, asked the Current love actor, 62, if he was excited by the prospect of any particular winning actor, to which he replied, “No one in particular.”

Trying to ask another question, Graham said, “OK, so what are you wearing tonight?”

The actor replied: “Just my dress.”

Graham then decided to ask Grant about it Glass OnionAcademy Award nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay. Grant makes a cameo in the film.

“So tell me what it was like being inside Glass Onion?” she asked, adding, “It was an amazing movie. I really loved it. What’s it like shooting something like that?”

Viewers called the exchange ’embarrassing’, a ‘disaster’ and ‘painful’ to watch (ABC)

Grant said, “Well, I’m barely into it. I’m in it for about three seconds.

Graham replied, “Yeah, but still, you showed up and had a good time, right?”, to which Grant said, “Um, almost.”

Realizing that he had hit a wall with the actor who was giving blunt answers, Graham ended the interview. Grant appeared to shake his head in confusion as he walked away from the camera.

Viewers called the exchange “embarrassing”, a “disaster” and “painful” to watch, with some accusing Grant of being “rude” and “obnoxious” towards Graham asking questions typical of the ceremony. Other viewers asked why Grant attended the event in the first place, as he didn’t seem thrilled to be there.

Graham has now faced the viral interview, after a reporter asked if she took offense at Grant’s answers.

“You know what, my mother told me to kill people with kindness, so here you go,” Graham told the US publication tmz extension Monday (March 13).

Graham didn’t elaborate on the moment further, but reiterated that she “had so much fun” while interviewing celebrities on the red carpet.

The 2023 ceremony saw big victories for Everything everywhere all at oncewhich took home seven awards, including Best Picture and Best Actress for Michelle Yeoh.

Meanwhile, host Jimmy Kimmel kicked off the Los Angeles event with an opening monologue that saw him teasing Avatars director James Cameron slapped Will Smith last year and Grant jokingly called himself a “scrotum” compared to Andie MacDowell.

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