Argentina in the final, Messi-Alvarez beat Croatia 3-0

LOSAIL (QATAR) (ITALPRESS) – Argentina triumphs in the first of the two world semi-finals, overcoming Croatia 3-0, thus earning qualification for the final 8 years after the last time. Scaloni’s men are dragged along by Messi and Alvarez, who score the three goals that decide the match. The start of the match is interim, with the two teams studying each other. The first ring was signed by Fernandez and arrived in the 25th minute, when Livakovic relaxed and saved the midfielder’s long-range conclusion by diving. In the 32nd minute, the Croatian defense found itself strangely open and Alvarez was first launched into the net and then brought down by Livakovic. The referee rightly awards the penalty kick. Messi appears from the spot, transforming with power by signing the 1-0 and personal goal number 11 in a World Cup, surpassing the previous Argentine record of Batistuta which had stopped at 10. The doubling already arrives in the 39th minute. The Albiceleste recovers the ball quickly and sends it to Alvarez, who starts ball and chain centrally from midfield, penetrates the area, wins two strong rebounds with Juranovic and Sosa and puts Livakovic in with a close right foot. It’s the 2-0 that annihilates Dalic’s men.

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In the 43rd minute Livakovic performs a miracle to avoid the trio, when he puts in a corner from Tagliafico after a corner kicked from the left. We go into the break at 2-0. Modric and his companions do not react and in the 24th minute of the second half the opponent’s trio arrives. It all starts with a champion action by Messi, who gets Gvardiol drunk with a double dribbling, enters the area and serves Alvarez in tow, who scores first intention with his right foot, signing 3-0 and personal brace. In the 38th minute Mac Allister spoils the possible 4-0 when he kicks off after a valuable assist from the newcomer Dybala, making his debut in the tournament. Shortly after, Lovren arrives a little late on an aerial bank from Perisic following a corner and thus fails to make it 3-1. The result will not change anymore. Argentina can therefore celebrate access to the final, where on Sunday at 4pm they will face the winner between France and Morocco. The day before, at the same time, Croatia will instead take the field for the finals for third and fourth place.
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