Amazon Prime releases the trailer for the thriller The Rig

Martin Compston stars in new supernatural thriller The Rig. (First video)

Martin Compston is shown fighting for survival in the trailer for Amazon Prime’s all-star supernatural thriller The Rig.

The Line Of Duty and Vigil star is back at sea in the six-part drama set aboard a North Sea oil rig, which also stars Schitt’s Creek’s Emily Hampshire, Game Of Thrones’ Iain Glen and The Full Monty.

The dramatic trailer sees the platform surrounded by an eerie fog and hit by tremors, cutting it off from dry land just as the crew is to be picked up.

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Psychological pressure causes the crew to break down and turn against each other, while simultaneously trying to battle the elements.

Hampshire’s character warns, “Something old is awakening,” while The Curse’s Abraham Popoola says, “That’s what you get for diving into the abyss.”

The strong cast also includes fellow Line Of Duty stars Rochenda Sandall, Mark Bonnar and Owen Teale, who also starred in Game Of Thrones, as well as Emun Elliott.

Emily Hampshire The Rig (Prime Video)

The Rig’s Emily Hampshire is best known as the manager of Stevie’s Schitt’s Creek motel. (First video)

Also in the cast are Shetland’s Stuart McQuarrie and COBRA’s Richard Pepple.

Fans are already intrigued by the teaser, with one tweeted: “I counted 3 #GameofThrones alumni (Mark Addy, Iain Glen and Owen Teale) and 1 #Shetland (Mark Bonner) in the #TheRig trailer. Looks like a great cast. Should be good.”

Another said, “Martin Compston in The Rig January 2023 – going to be epic.”

Iain Glen The Rig (Prime Video)

Iain Glen from Game Of Thrones in The Rig. (First video)

Set on an oil rig off the coast of Scotland, The Rig was filmed in Edinburgh in the summer of 2021.

It is the debut of writer David Macpherson and is directed by John Strickland, who also worked on Line Of Duty.

Compston starred in the BBC drama thriller Vigil last year, which is set aboard a submarine.

After some viewers complained about the series finale, starring Suranne Jones and game of Thrones actor Rose Leslie – was disappointing, the Scottish actor joked that he was going to fire his agent.

Owen Teale The Rig (Prime Video)

The Rig trailer promises high-octane drama. (First video)

Compston responded to a tweet from viewer Dave James who said, “So it’s #vigil and #lineofduty who had really bad endings, choose your next series wisely @martin_compston, you don’t want to make it a hat-trick.”

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The Line Of Duty star retorted, “I know pal Dave made an ass out of it. One of the biggest new dramas of the year, the other biggest drama of the year/century. Agents for dismissal.”

The Rig will be streamed on Prime Video from Friday, January 6, 2023.

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