am i entitled to the benefit and how do i apply?

Hundreds of thousands of Australians eligible for concessions on energy bills may not receive them, new research has shown, in part because the concession system varies from state to state.

The following state-by-state guide aims to help you understand if you might be eligible for a discount on your bills.

But first some general advice. Always check your bill to make sure the concession has been applied correctly. For many discounts, only one concession per household can be applied, and the dealer’s name and address must exactly match those on the bill.

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Centrelink cardholders will often have to complete a new application each time their card is updated or when they transfer to a new provider.

Erin Turner of the Consumer Policy Research Center says people often don’t access concessions simply because they don’t know them.

“One of the most useful things you can do is contact a loved one who might fall into a concession category,” he says. Turner advises anyone who thinks they might be eligible to “call”, as “sometimes it can be easier to call your dealer to navigate this”.

New South Wales

Am I eligible and for what? NSW has a range of separate reimbursement schemes for electricity, gas and water bills, which include programs for family tax benefit recipients, self-financed retirees, Centrelink health card holders, retirees, veteran card holders, families a low income and more. It is worth clicking on each of them to find out which ones might be eligible and how much they are worth. The low-income household grant is worth $ 285 per year, and the family energy discount is worth up to $ 180.

How do i get it? If you are eligible for the Low Income Household Energy Discount, you will need to call your energy provider and apply for it to your account. For a number of other schemes, you will need to submit a form to the NSW government. Check the details of the particular scheme for what is required as they may vary.

Australian capital territory

Am I eligible and for what? In the ACT, the utility concession covers electricity, natural gas, water, and sewage and is worth up to $ 750 per year. You are eligible if you have a Centrelink low-income retirement or health card, an ACT service access card, or one of the many veteran cards. Commonwealth Elderly Health Card holders are Not admissible.

Eligible residents of ACT caravan parks and rest villages with integrated power grids can also obtain the concession, but it is paid for directly rather than discounted on the bill.

How do i get it? Contact your energy supplier. If you reside in a trailer park or rest village, you will need to contact the ACT Revenue Office instead. Details are on the Revenue ACT website along with a list of energy suppliers, contact details, sign-up forms, and more information.


Am I eligible and for what? The annual electricity concession reduces the use and service costs of household bills by 17.5% after the first $ 171.60 of the annual bill. The winter gas concession is available from May 1 to October 31 each year and reduces the cost of using and servicing household bills by 17.5% after the first $ 62.40 accrued in that six-month period. Holders of a retirement card, health card, or veterans business gold card are eligible for both schemes.

How do i get it? Call your electricity or gas dealer and provide your concession card details over the phone. Check that the discount has been applied to your next invoice.


Am I eligible and for what? Electricity discount is worth $ 372.20 per year, and holders of a Queensland Senior Card, Retirement Card, Low Income Health Card, Veteran Gold Card and Asylum Seekers are eligible of an ImmiCard. Many of these cardholders are also eligible for the $ 80.77 cross-linked natural gas discount. Check out the full list of eligible criteria and cardholders to be sure.

How do i get it? The process is different depending on your energy setup. For the gas discount, you will need to contact your supplier and provide them with some information about your utility bills and concession details. For electricity, it depends on whether you own the account directly, or if you live in an apartment, residential park, or other type of home and someone else sends you the bill. Check the details on the Queensland Government website. For energy supplier contact details, check the listings on the Queensland Energy and Water Ombudsman website.

south of Australia

Am I eligible and for what? The Energy Bill Facilitation is reserved for holders of a Retirement Card, Veteran Gold Card, Low Income Health Card, or Commonwealth Seniors Card. Some asylum seekers are eligible and many people who receive one of Centrelink’s many payments, including youth and job seekers’ benefits.

The concession is worth up to $ 241.63 per year and can also cover fuels used to generate power, such as bottled gas and gasoline. It is calculated as a flat rate per day.

How do i get it? Apply via the ConcessionsSA website.

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Am I eligible and for what? The Tasmanian Government Annual Electricity Grant offers eligible residents a discount calculated on a cent-per-day rate, which is 157,460 cents per day at the time of writing. Holders of a retiree card, low-income health card, ImmiCard with Transitional E visa or Tasmanian card are eligible for the discount on their primary place of residence.

How do i get it? You must complete a form provided by the Tasmanian government and submit it to your electricity supplier, who will evaluate your application.

Western Australia

Am I eligible and for what? The Energy Concession Extension Program is an annual payment, consisting of one or more partial payments, some of which are worth more than $ 300, to support the electricity costs for holders of a retirement card, health card, card Commonwealth Elderly Health Care or Veterans Gold Card. Household Electricity Credit is a $ 400 payment to eligible individuals whose electricity is billed to them by a third party.

How do i get it? Apply on the WA government website or call your electricity supplier directly.

Northern Territories

Am I eligible and for what? An electrical concession of up to $ 1,200 per household per financial year is available for members of the NT concession scheme. Members of the concession scheme can also obtain a concession of up to $ 800 per year for water and $ 486.12 per year for sewage.

How do i get it? Apply through the forms and instructions on the NT Government Grant website or call your supplier and ask them to tell you about it.

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