Alemanha takes 25 conspiracy suspects from far direction to install the prince

By Miranda Murray

BERLIM (Reuters) – Germany has 25 members and sympathizers of an extrema-direct group who, according to the promoters, were preparing a violent robbery of the State, with some suspects integrated to plan an armed attack on Parliament.

Promoters say the group was inspired by the conspiracy theories of QAnon and Reichsbuerger, which did not recognize the legitimacy of modern Alemanha, insisting that the greatest “Deutsche Reich” existed, apesar da derrota dos Nazis na Segunda Guerra Mundial .

A previa plot an ex-member of a real German family, identified as Heinrich XIII PR sob a lei de privacidade da German, as leader in a future state, enquanto outro suspeito, Ruediger v. P., was o chefe do braço militar, according to a promo.

Promoters say that Heinrich, who used the title of prince and came from the Royal House of Reuss, which ruled the eastern parts of Alemanha, procured representatives of Russia, quais or grupo through their central contact to establish a new order. Other than the deal with the promotion, there is no evidence that Tenham representatives reacted positively to the request.

The embaixada da Rússia in Alemanha said, according to the RIA news agency, that Russian diplomatic and consular institutions in Alemanha have never contacted representatives of terrorist groups and other illegal groups.

US Interior Secretary Nancy Faeser said the government would strike back with all its might against its anti-state efforts and that new investigations revealed the group’s coup plans were advanced.

“As investigações permitem vislumbrar o abismo de uma ameaça terrorista do meio do Reichsbuerger”, Faeser declared in a communiqué, adding that the Estado de direito sabe como se defender contra “os inimigos da democracia”.

An active penny and various reserves are also among the suspects, according to a military intelligence report to Reuters. The active soldier is a member of the Bundeswehr’s elite KSK force, which has come under investigation in recent years due to a series of extreme incidents.

Investigators suspect that some members of the Tinham group have concrete plans to invade the lower house of the Bundestag parliament in Berlin with a small armed group, a promotoria said.

In August 2020, demonstrators invaded the degraus of the prédio of the Parliament in the Reichstag, some of the segurando bandeiras of extrema-direita, during atos en masse against the restrictions on the coronavírus.

Alemanha’s domestic intelligence agency estimates about 21,000 people in the Reichsbuerger (Cidadãos do Reich) movement, close to 5% of views as per far-direction.

Cerca de 2,100 do Reichsbuerger is ready to use violence to achieve its goals, according to the agency’s 2021 annual report.

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