Acne scars? This cult vitamin C serum is every beauty editor’s best kept secret

This cult vitamin C serum makes acne scars disappear.

By now just about every skincare brand on the planet has jumped on the skintellectual bandwagon, catering to our collective beauty nerdiness with top ingredient product names and increasingly complicated marketing.

Many see the industry’s changing mood at the birth of The Ordinary (whose Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F still wears the crown for the most ridiculously complicated product name) but there are now plenty of big players in the luxury realm as well.

Indeed, there’s one brand in particular that has satisfied our hunger for highbrow beauty, as a result earning a seriously loyal cult following of beauty editors, industry pundits, and more informed consumers. Allies of Skin is the Singaporean-born beauty brand offering forensic-focused skin treatments that use high levels of active ingredients to hone in on the toughest-to-treat issues, from pigmentation to breakouts.


Honestly, there isn’t a dud in Allies’ entire lineup, but there’s one product in particular that’s been a fixture on many a beauty editor’s skincare shelf for several years. Vitamin C serums come and go, but the brand’s 20% Brighten and Firm Vitamin C Serum is unwavering in its reign.

If you’re a vitamin C fan, you know that new products can be hit and miss. Oxidation is a common frustration: Because ascorbic acid (which is vitamin C) is so easily degraded by light and air, it’s difficult to work it into a formula that will last more than a few weeks. (If you’ve noticed yours turning a muddy brown or bright orange color, that’s oxidation.)

Those brainiacs at Allies of Skin, however, tackled the problem head-on and were the first to create an all-water-free vitamin C serum. Remove the water, remove the problem.

Not just a heavy duty serum, this too delivers real results. First, there’s the instant gratification of the subtle illuminating particles, which give a dull complexion that glass-skin sheen. But you’re really here for the long-term results: Combining 20% ​​Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid (which is a potent form of Vitamin C) with replenishing peptide glutathione and antioxidant amino acids, it’s a potent product for brightening skin tone.

If you’re dealing with sun damage or persistent acne scars, this is the product for you. A month or so of diligent use will deliver the kind of results you want to shout about on TikTok—in fact, people do.

Convinced? Alright, now for the really good news. Not only will you get one hassle-free product that works, but you’ll get two, as the brand just launched a ridiculous Black Friday early sale, where they’ll throw two products into your cart for the price of one. The offer runs for the entire month of November and covers most of the brand’s portfolio (including their cheaper sister line, PSA).

Don’t question it, go ahead and shop.

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