Accusation of false accounting, rejected the house arrest requested for Agnelli. CR7 does not show up

Warranty notices for Juventus top management. The Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office notified the conclusion of the preliminary investigations (as part of the investigation into the alleged false capital gains started in the summer of 2021) to the members of the Board of Directors, the members of the board of statutory auditors, the legal auditor of the Juventus club and “managers with strategic responsibilities”. In all they are 16 under investigation, Juventus plus 15 people including the Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, the vice president Pavel Nedved, the former head of the sports area Fabio Paratici and now also the current CEO Maurizio Arrivabene who at the time was already a member of the Board of Directors . some of them had been asked for personal precautionary measures, including the precautionary or preventive seizure, but the judge for the preliminary investigations refused them. In particular, that of house arrest for President Andrea Agnelli not seeing the dangers of escape, repetition of crime and pollution of evidence. The next step? With each one, if approval, the prosecutors will make a request for indictment to the magistrate, then to the hearing in the courtroom.

THE ACCUSATION The main offenses alleged are false corporate communications (false accounting) and false communications to the market, being a company listed on the stock exchange in Piazza Affari. More precisely, we are talking about the hypothesis of the crime of “hindering the exercise of the public supervisory authorities (Consob)” and the crime of “information manipulation”. Some suspects were also charged with the crime of “fraudulent declaration through the use of invoices for non-existent transactions, as it emerged according to the prosecutors how Juventus paid agents sums for services that have not been matched and which are therefore considered non-existent with contextual damage to the tax authorities for undue deduction of VAT “. About capital gains the power of attorney, the evidence gathered so far allows us to outline “an alteration of the balance sheet items (and therefore of the operating results) as a consequence, in the first place, of an anomalous recourse to exchange operations of the rights to sports performances of a large number of athletesoperations, however, on the whole dystonic in the national panorama. “Investigators argue that these exchange operations were “concluded at values ​​established by the parties in an arbitrary manner and with the aim of meeting the budgetary needs of the moment: these transactions were considered fictitiousalso in light of the content of the conversations recorded during the investigations “.

THE SALARY MANEUVER – Under the lens of the prosecutors also the “salary maneuver”, the one with which the company secured its accounts during the first phase of the pandemic of COVID-19: “There are concrete elements to believe that the players, in agreement with the club, have renounced to receive only one month’s salary and not four, as communicated by Juventus Fc in March 2020. The remaining three months’ salary, in the event of an accusation, is not a case of renunciation, but deferral of subsequent years “. The” second salary maneuver “, on the other hand, reduces” individual renunciation agreements for the March 2021 months, with simultaneous integration to the permanence of the player-judge or subordinate to a certain date, documents containing the unconditional commitment of the company to pay the salaries subject to reduction are found and seized outside the registered office even in the event of transfer of the player and therefore of content contrary to as resulting from the contracts filed with the Lega “.

CASE RONALDO – Precisely as a person informed about the facts regarding this second salary maneuver, Cristiano Ronaldo was also summoned by the PM through an international rogatory, but the Portuguese forward of Manchester United did not appear: his lawyers made it known that he would not discuss of his salaries.

THREE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS – According to the accounting report made by the prosecutor of Turin these maneuvers led to profoundly different numbers between the financial statements presented and the real ones in three years.

2018 Lower operating loss of 39,896,000 euros instead of 84,506,000 euros. Positive shareholders’ equity of € 31,243,000 instead of positive € 13,367,000.

2019 Lower loss of € 89,682,000 instead of € 236,732,000. Positive net equity of 239,204,000 euros instead of 47,543,000 euros.

2020 Lower operating loss of € 209,514,000 instead of € 222,477,000. Positive shareholders’ equity of € 28,827,000 instead of negative of € 175,791,000.

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