A Twister sequel is on its way and it’s called, wait for it, Twister

Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt

Nearly 30 years after Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt proved that a good leather belt is more powerful than God’s finger, time is coming back for seconds. Steven Spielberg and the Amblin nostalgia hounds gave the green light to Twistersequel to the 1996 weather hit Turtledoves, concluding our decade-long journey to find out what happened to Helen Hunt’s character’s father. Well, hopefully.

Deadline reports that while Spielberg “flipped” for Mark L. Smith’s screenplay (The avenger), Helen Hunt has not signed on for the sequel. Of course, Dr. Jo Harding fans will love seeing the good doctor behind the wheel of a battered Jeep, chasing F2 and F3 through the tornado alley, but that may not be in the cards. So instead, the film will focus on Hunt’s character’s daughter (because how else would you do a sequel if not someone’s son) and presumably how you tackle not one twister but several, no word on the return of the cow.

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As to who will direct all these rotating cyclones of wind, dust and farm animals is still in the air. Joseph Kosinski, the golden boy of the Hollywood sequel in the wake of Top Gun: Maverickhe had to direct before he was attracted to Brad Pitt Top Gun on Formula One racing. How it didn’t end up being a Days of thunder the sequel is guessed by everyone, especially with the title “Another day of thunder”Just hanging from the tree waiting to be plucked.

Deadline reports that Amblin is interested in Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vaserhelyi (Only free), Travis Knight of Laika (Kubo and the two ropes), and Dan Trachtenberg, who a few months ago removed him from the park with his Predator movie, Prey.

TurtledovesThe cast is something to contend with, and unfortunately, it also made a sequel a difficult sale. Hunt co-star Bill Paxton died in 2017 and Philip Seymour Hoffman, who plays an infinitely charming and entertaining supporting role, passed away in 2014. Other cast members, including Alan Ruck and Joey Slotnick, they have not announced they will join the launch. Neither did Todd Field, the director of Tarwhich apparently was he too Turtledoves.

When Amblin and Universal last announced the sequel in 2020, the studio said it would be a reboot, not a sequel. This followed an intense backlash received by the announcement due to the idea of ​​someone doing a Turtledoves movies without Paxton or Hoffman. However, this has led many to listen to IMDB Twister 2: The terror continuesa film that features “footage of real tornadoes without a coherent story”.

In the end, it’s a shame James Cameron wasn’t there to deliver the “S”. Twister in a dollar sign. This would really move the needle on this thing.

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