a curious origem da paixão pelas seleções de Brasil e Argentina em Bangladesh

Torcidas de Brasil e Argentina em Bangladesh: a ‘rivalidade’ em local improvável

A presenter of the Bangladesh news channel Somoy News appears in an unusual spot: an Argentine football selection shirt.

The image, which took place on Saturday (11/26), may seem estranged from mesmo to their Argentinean owners, who rarely see these representatives wearing a camisa from the selection in front of the cameras.

For the 168 thousand inhabitants of Bangladesh, I know, she is part of a special ritual that was repeated in the last few decades each time the Argentines jog.

Torcedor in Bangladesh comemora with a shirt from Argentina

História dos fãs do futebol sul-americano no pequeno país asiático começa no Mundial de 86

A razão? The little Asian country has a multitude of twisters that we come from Argentina, that is 17 million quilômetres, across the world.

Para o jogo contra o México na primeira phase da Copa do Catar, que começou à 1h da manhã do horário local, milhões de pessoas lotaram as praças de havia telões transmitindo a partida.

But he doesn’t treat only time of Lionel Messi. Muitos dos bengalis também torcem pelo Brasil.

Imagem de Lionel Messi refletida nos óculos darkos de un torcedor de Bangladesh

Messi is also the idol in Bangladesh

This story also has space for the rivalry between Brazilians and Argentines – a dynamic that acabou and confusion between torcedores in the city of Brahmanbaria, 120 kilometers east from the capital, Dhaka, to the last days of the Copa América in 2021. The police should ask you to ask .

De waves vem a paixão?

Embora o críquete seja esporte nacional desta ex-colonia britânica, a cada quatro anos o foco se volta para a Copa do Mundo masculina de futebol.

A paixão for the Argentine selection começou a Mundial disputed in México, in 1986, when many Bengalis were encantaram with the actuation of Diego Armando Maradona, who raised the team to the title.

A partida memorável contra a Inglaterra nas quartas-de-final, com os episódios da “mão de Deus” eo “gol do século”, marcou uma geração no país.

Maradona no moment of goal that he understood as 'a hand of God'

O jogo das quartas de final da Copa de 86 between Argentina and Inglaterra marcou muitos torcedores de Bangladesh

“A ‘mão de Deus’ também gerou debate aqui, embora a maioria tenha optado por ignorar a polêmica porque a memória da guerra das Malvinas ainda estava na mente dos Bengalese”, diz uma coluna in the journal Dhaka Tribune.

The conflict between England and Argentina where the text was referenced in 1982. In Argentine victory in 1986, four years after, you were seen for many as a position against the British power.

A sentiment that was also shared in Bangladesh, that for almost 200 years, until 1947, was controlled by Britain.

Torcedores with the Argentine selection shirt at the Copa de 2018: match começou at the Mundial de 86

Torcedores with the Argentine selection shirt at the Copa de 2018: match começou at the Mundial de 86

Sedimentada a paixão pela Argentina, ela também acabou encontrando em Bangladesh a rivalidade brasileira.

“As a country in the ‘third world’, Bangladesh is very well connected with the Latin American countries, which also suffer the mesmos economic damage and exploration of the West”, adds the article from the Dhaka Tribune.

Dangerous rivalry

If the summer forecasts are correct and Brazil and Argentina advance in the Copa do Catar, two selections can be made in the semi-finals.

It is a confrontation with the desperate attention of the Bengali police, who already know that they acted during the final of the Copa América de 2021 to calm the spirits of the twisters of both sides.

Torcedor takes selfies in front of the bandeira do Brasil

Argentina and Brazil têm torcedores fanaticos in Bangladesh

During the Copa 2018, um menino de 12 anos foi eletrocutado ao take a bandeira do Brasil a um poste de dede elétrica.

In another case, a home and his son was seriously injured when he twisted his home in the subdistrito of Bandar, in the central region of the country.

Because of the problems as they have decided that in this game, in case of fate, no serious transmission to giant telephones in some provinces of the country, to avoid clusters.

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