2-0. Joao y Morata lives in Simeone

Madrid, 29 December (EFE).- After the minute 56, the numerical equalization was reintegrated by a despropósito de dos amarillas de Mario Hermoso between the expulsión at the edge of the descanso de Verdú, the Atlético de Madrid did not feel close to the victoria contra el Elche, obtained at this moment by a cabezazo from Joao Félix and condemned with an individual action by Morata to save Diego Simeone and the rojiblanco team, back on the classification podium.

As he purports, presumably, his last days in Atlético, as he looks at another offer that he hasn’t made to the club so far to put a point and final to the desencuentro he has been supporting for the last few months with Simeone, while he hopes for a new destiny, ya sea para semper o come cedido , suyo fue el gol que dio un respira a su conjunto ya su entrenador.

El pase was given to Griezmann as a gift. When both meet, the team flows from another very different form. Also when Pablo Barrios enters the match, the surgid hope of the cantera, when he was blinded by Atlético, which culminated in his triumph in the 74th minute with an overflowing action by Morata, who dejó por los suelos a Bigas, regateó a Clerc y tuvo the luck that his oar rebounded to Mascarell to lodge in Edgar Badía’s door.

Two goals. And much to improve. Because, more than the background ruido, of the division of opinions that every one hears more than the Korean ultras a Simeone (months after, they dreamed up new songs to the technician in the Metropolitano) and of the doubt that arises all in the tournament at the Atlético of every less incuestionable coach, the team repeats the problems, even though he hit it this jueves in front of Elche, who follows last, without a single triumph after five days, with 4 points out of 51 possible. An ocho de salvarse.

No, it’s enough for you to propose it to yourself. Ni siquiera con la actitud. Not with the intensity. He doesn’t hold football or edge or broadcast the company of yesteryear. El porqué admits many variables, en el banquillo y sobre el terra; collectives, without reencontrarse a sí mismo, without the clarity of knowing what he wants and how to log it, but also individual.

It is a custión de equipo, but also of the jugadores. His mechanisms didn’t work with the solution of another time, he didn’t attack or defend him, he didn’t want to transmit it so much or not that he has reinvented himself like so many other times the hizo in Simeone’s past, because rivals have studied it in detail. But there are various futbolistas out of his level of him. He is visible.

Ni Giménez se parece al que fue. Ni Savic is the central round of the La Liga championship. Tampoco Marcos Llorente the infinite recurso that was in 2020-21. Ni Carrasco, who from hace months leads el balón hacia la irrelevancia. There is no solution, more a prejudice, Mario Hermoso, also in evidence before Elche. Ni tampoco lo es Kondogbia, who is a footballer more for contention than for creation, where Atlético queda en poco.

The transition, so crucial in football, is a sequence as long as Atlético’s improvisation, that only one feels the release when Griezmann (and his pink fur) appears between the lines; when you connect Joao Félix, more owner who never starts from September when he has his sale; when the interesting Pablo Barrios takes the bulwark or when Morata draws a sign that causes agitation, even if his two remates have no vieran portería, even if the sea is sporadic all that is not worth more to become something imperceptible.

All these limitations are due to the high for Atlético, which cost them a world overcoming the first half at Elche. So much so that the hizo, immedesimado a nada en el marcador, sin una sola parada de mención de Edgar Badía, quien, a parte de las dos citadas acciones de Morata, también observó com se iba fuera un tira di Joao Félix, active, inconstant, in the doubt that it is because the team does not find it or because there is no light.

The expulsion of Verdú, the central referent of the Elche beltline, was another jeroglífico during the first part for Atlético, it was food for the rojiblanco team on the border of the descanso. Questionable, questionable, quizá including rigorous hasta, the defense squad was at instances of the VAR, first, and after the vision on Cuadra Fernández’s pie monitor, from an agarrón out of the area to Morata when he pretends to have it goalkeeper.

Al Atlético also missed the goal, for moments. It doesn’t hold the effectiveness of another time. He canceled the best action of the game within a few seconds, at minute 49, when Pablo Barrios, the 19-year-old youth who played for the first time in the Metropolitano, went to the pass shortly after Friday, to the space for Joao Félix, for his departure atrás de primeras and el row a las nubes de Griezmann. In the abyss that causes every negative result in Atlético, he can’t afford it.

Not even the dispossession of Hermoso. El umpteenth. No, you are a coincidence. Not a damn thing. In the 50th minute, he broke the primera amarilla in a counter-punch from Elche. In 53, the second, from a balón that had lost él mismo en campo contrary y al que se balanzó desde el suelo. He marked himself with a gesture of disbelief. Ni siquiera eso basta como excusa.

When Elche reconfirmed with the numerical team, he too sinned in his goal, survived once against diez, recibió the 1-0, in an action by Llorente for the right wing, when the center is not managed to row it by Verdad Griezmann. Him in god time to rectify, to put back the ball in the game for the comfortable row, to pleasure, of Joao Félix. A las puertas de su salida, sus goles de lui parecen hoy por hoy indispensables para el Atlético.

Also his chispazos, like the career he finished with a remiss derechazo by Edgar Badía, like the football of Pablo Barrios, a boy without miedo, with indudable qualities to play in this Atlético, who will look for the victory with the 2-0 de Morata , who was embarrassed by a great final save from Jan Oblak and who needs a lot more to support her in her role on the classification podium.

– Technical file:

2 – Atletico Madrid: Oblak; Llorente, Giménez, Savic, Hermoso, Carrasco (Reguilón, d. 58); Pablo Barrios (Saúl, d. 79), Kondogbia, Griezmann (Koke, d. 79); Joao Félix (Lemar, d. 67) and Morata.

0 – Elche: Edgar Badia; Palacios (Dying, d. 82), Diego González, Verdú, Bigas, Clerc; Pere Milla (Fidel, d. 82), Mascarell, Raúl Guti (Quina, d. 82), Roger Martí (Ponce, d. 69); Lucas Boyé (Collado, d. 69).

Goal: 1-0, m. 56: Joao Félix. 2-0, m. 74: Moratta.

Referee: Cuadra Fernández (C. Balear). Expulsed with roja directa a Verdú, del Elche, in the minute 45, and por doble amarilla a Mario Hermoso (m. 50 y 52), del Atlético de Madrid, ya Quina (m. 86 y 90), del Elche. Amonestó con tarjeta amarilla to the local Griezmann (m. 76) and to the visitor Roger (m. 49).

Incidents: match corresponding to the tenth fifth day of LaLiga Santander played in the Cívitas Metropolitano stadium before 48,119 spectators. Before the start of the match, a minute’s silence was held in memory of Lázaro Albarracín, vice president of the rojiblanco club who fell on November 23, and Pelé, who was a young man.

Inaki Dufour

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