12 EastEnders spoilers for next week

12 huge EastEnders spoilers for next weekBBC

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Next week on EastEnders, Suki may be the prime suspect when Ranveer’s body is found, as Lola prepares for brain tumor surgery and Linda tries to help Alfie win Kat.

Here is a complete compilation of the 12 most important moments to come:

1. Suki reveals a secret from the past

suki kaur panesar, kheerat panesar, eastenders


The Panesar family are still meeting dad Nish, who was released last month after serving a 20-year sentence for murder.

But everyone gasped when Mom Suki reveals another shocking truth from Panesar’s past …

2. Nish and Suki approach

suki kaur panesar, east


As Nish begins to reconnect with his children, he and Suki share a moment when they connect over the death of their son, Jags, who was killed in prison last year.

But will Nish soon start realizing what’s going on between Suki and local lawyer Eve?

3. Ranveer’s body is discovered

nina gupta, ravi gulati, eastenders


Secret lovers Ravi and Nina are waiting for the right moment to steal the money from “missing” businessman Ranveer.

But the intriguing couple are stopped when police report that Ranveer’s body has been found …

4. Lola and Lexi make plans for the future

lola pearce, lexi mitchell, jay mitchell, eastenders


As Lola prepares for brain surgery, she tries to put on a brave face for her daughter, Lexi.

Lola shares a moment with Lexi in the hospital and they make plans to celebrate Halloween next year.

5. Linda’s Halloween horror

linda carter, freddie slater, eastenders


Linda isn’t in the mood to celebrate Halloween because she brings back bad memories of what happened between her and Mick.

He’s not happy when Alfie throws a Halloween event at the Vic and takes his young son, Ollie, to trick or treat without asking him first.

6. Jean becomes jealous of Harvey’s love life

jean slater, eastenders


Jean is jealous when she hears Mitch, Dotty, and Freddie encouraged Harvey to join a dating app.

It isn’t long before the taxi driver Harvey meets a woman named Sophia.

7. Suki is questioned by the police

suki kaur panesar, east


Suki falters at the shocking news that Ranveer’s body has been found and the police are investigating his murder.

After Suki is questioned at the police station, Ravi and Nina begin to fear what she might say.

8. Kat is mad at Alfie

kat moon, alfie moon, eastenders


Kat isn’t impressed when she finds out that her ex-husband Alfie has let their children, Bert and Ernie, attend school for some Halloween fun.

Kat refuses to let Alfie eat the boys for the weekend, but Linda has a plan to help her.

9. Jay struggles to make it

ravi gulati, jay mitchell, eastenders


As Lola prepares for brain tumor surgery, her boyfriend Jay is struggling to deal with her diagnosis.

After Jay is stressed out and almost got into a fight with Ravi, his best friend Ben steps in and asks the community for help to support Jay.

10. Alfie has another accident

alfie luna, east


Just when Alfie is going back to Kat’s good books, he accidentally gets stuck on The Vic’s roof.

As a result, Alfie is unable to pick up Tommy as expected. Kat is furious with Alfie over yet another accident, leaving Linda at fault.

11. Ravi tries to cover his tracks

ravi gulati, oriental


It was Ravi who dealt the fatal blow that killed his hated “father”, Ranveer, in the summer.

But he has no plans to be sent back to prison and, if that happens, he’ll frame Suki for the crime.

But when the police start questioning Ravi about Ranveer’s murder and his connection to the Panesar family, will he start tripping over his lies?

12. Mick and Janine return

Janine Butcher, Mick Carter, Eastenders


Mick and Janine are back from vacation, but he’s not happy to see Alfie, a former pub owner, is back behind the counter.

However, Linda is happy to spend some quality time with her ex-husband, Mick, and the sparks are soon flying. Will Janine be able to find a way to ruin the moment?

East Enders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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